Day to Day work

Here is the background information regarding the on going work, what are my intentions and decisions to create current work.

This will later help me to understand, to analyse and to consolidate what is my own creative process.

9th of February 2013 - Daily searches

Following my investigations about Gesture, I am painting forward with Falaise Serie, but the Mistral wind has started, I am cold and it moves all around. Meanwhile, I do work on "People & Burn- OUt" theme, about suffering at work into global companies under economic crisis context.

I am learning that I do need to work in parallel both Abstraction and Figuration to find a kind of balance into my creative process. The big format 1m X1m "la clairière aux oiseaux" brings me a great satifaction today, but I still need to wait a little bit as I know I am often disappointed afterward, when I give some time for the Canvas and myself to grow and to sleep. Let's wait tomorrow and see. I know this is mandatory to look afterward and to give a self critical look on what has been created.

falaises 2 -30 X30 cm mixte sur bois.jpgThe big One: La clairièe aux oiseaux, Abstract landscape serie

clairière aux oiseaux 2.jpg

Burn Out  Gouache Acrylique et Polska sur bois 50X50cm.jpg

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Blog opening

02nd of February, Mind picture of a landscape, using my current way of working with gesture.