9th of February 2013 - Daily searches

Following my investigations about Gesture, I am painting forward with Falaise Serie, but the Mistral wind has started, I am cold and it moves all around. Meanwhile, I do work on "People & Burn- OUt" theme, about suffering at work into global companies under economic crisis context.

I am learning that I do need to work in parallel both Abstraction and Figuration to find a kind of balance into my creative process. The big format 1m X1m "la clairière aux oiseaux" brings me a great satifaction today, but I still need to wait a little bit as I know I am often disappointed afterward, when I give some time for the Canvas and myself to grow and to sleep. Let's wait tomorrow and see. I know this is mandatory to look afterward and to give a self critical look on what has been created.

falaises 2 -30 X30 cm mixte sur bois.jpgThe big One: La clairièe aux oiseaux, Abstract landscape serie

clairière aux oiseaux 2.jpg

Burn Out  Gouache Acrylique et Polska sur bois 50X50cm.jpg


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